of expertise

Areas of expertise

acte 2 provides its clients with teams specialised in real estate investment, under the supervision of its partners, and thus offers bespoke expertise for all types of assets (offices, hotels, logistical warehouses, clinics, serviced residences, data-centres, residential real estate, etc.).

acte 2 provides guidance to institutional clients as well as to French and international end-users, within the framework of their arbitrages and acquisitions.

acte 2 provides its clients with a service devoted to structured real estate financing, and focuses both on lenders and borrowers.

acte 2 has also developed expertise in matters of fiducie-sûreté.

acte 2 offers its clients tailor-made legal and tax guidance in the field of transfer of assets (protection of spouses and descendants in particular) and of asset structuring, whether in the private or professional sectors, whether owned in France or abroad.

acte 2 also provides guidance to its private clients for their real estate acquisitions and sales.

acte 2 provides advisory services to top management in the field of business transfer and group structuring, in particular via the creation and management of holding companies and the use of “Dutreil pacts”.

acte 2 also provides guidance to top management and shareholders to anticipate crisis situations and to plan pre- and post-sale transactions.

acte 2 puts its real estate expertise at the service of its end-user clients for the acquisition or sale of their corporate premises.